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OCNJ '16

Who is invited?

Any rising 9th grader through graduating senior.

Cost: $425

(Price includes everything except travel meals and boardwalk stuff).

Partial scholarships are available as needed, first come basis, confidential and open to anyone.


$50 non-refundable deposit due at registration & total amount due June 12 (a $25 late fee will apply after that date).

Return the registration form to Rich Wardell ( or Brambleton Church - 42395 Ryan Road #112-633, Brambleton, VA 20148 (703.542.8530).

Program & Activities:

Our program time includes conversations and answering questions about life & faith, great music, fun games, videos & skits are just a few things you can expect! Crazy activities through the week include, Beach movie, scavenger hunt, beach games, volleyball, football, soccer, time on the boardwalk/beach with friends, and more.


This is a chaperoned, safe, fun opportunity for your student to get connected, have fun at the beach, and learn about having a relationship with God. This is NOT the typical student beach week. We are happy to talk to you more or answer any questions you may have, just give us a call. Also, as the trip gets closer we will schedule a Parents & Participants Meeting (mandatory) to cover details, what to bring, emergency contact information, etc. It will be about a week prior to the trip.


Students will stay at the Ocean 7 Hotel in suites of 5 students and 1 chaperone (a BPc parent or youth ministry leader).


Charter Bus (movies & a bathroom on wheels!) and private vehicles (drivers are over the age of 26 and cleared). After we arrive the rest of our activities are within walking distance!