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FREE Middle & High School Workshop: 5 Ways to Calm the Pressure, Anxiety, and Stress

FREE Workshop: 5 Ways to Calm the Pressure, Anxiety, and Stress

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All are welcome.

Middle and High School Students: 9:45am - 11:15am meeting at the Brambleton Corner Clubhouse: 42255 Palladian Blue Terrace, Brambleton, VA 20148.  Donuts will be served! 

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About the Workshop:

Kids today are under enormous academic, social media, and societal pressure that we didn't have to deal with as kids. From bullying to the fear of missing out, to honors classes and helicopter parents, the pressure can be overwhelming. The rates of suicide, anxiety and dependence on drugs has skyrocketed. Casey will show kids 5 practical ways to deal with this pressure in positive ways, whilst building confidence and the courage to move forward in a world filled with chaos.

Celebrate Calm is a father-son duo who have lead over 1,200 workshops to over 600,000 participants. They use humor, research and their own personal stories to provide concrete, practical strategies that work with kids ages 2-22 and parents in everyday situations.

Each Student will walk away with practical tools to:

· Confront anxiety, social obligations, and disappointing situations.

· Treat themselves as if they are someone worth helping.

· Handle peer pressure with other students and siblings.

· Improve communication with parents, teachers, and friends.

· Take responsibility, set an aim, and begin going forth into the unknown. 

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