Get Involved: Youth


It all started when…

Maybe it’s because I never really grew up. I still remember Sunday school teachers telling me they wished I would grow up and become a church leader for kids. They knew the kids wouldn’t get away with things because I’d already tried them all.

Time marched on and I completely forgot those… encouragements? But I remember that I entered a church and couldn’t ignore the kids. They looked so bored and unhappy. At church! I know, right? Thus began a long time in youth ministry.

Now my Facebook feed is filled with stories from decades of students who’ve gone on to become church leaders themselves.

don’t be fooled…

You may remember that after youth ministry I was in jail. I was doing ministry in Juvenile Detention. Then I learned how many of the kids we see in church are the ones I saw in detention. It was fair to say, “the kids I minister to are just like the kids in church, they just got caught.”

When did you change your perspective of God from someone to learn about to someone to live for? For me it was 17 1/2. (Yes, the half is important!) Can I ask you to be in a kid’s life during that shift in their life? I promise you, if you can remember a kids name for 1 week and use it the next time you see them you will be a superhero in their world. If you can see the humor in their humor, even better.

If you’d like to see what it takes to serve in Youth ministry at BPC please contact so we can talk.