Small Groups


Small Groups are where real spiritual discovery happens. It’s where the worship of God and God’s care for us intersect. Everyone starts at the same place and together we learn how to have a more meaningful relationship with the Gospel.

Small Groups rely on having a host home, a leader, and members. Do you enjoy hosting events for friends? Consider hosting a small group. Are you able to keep a conversation going? The role of small group leader is more conversation facilitator than public speaker.

If you’re not ready to host or lead but you’re interested in being a member of a small group please check out our small groups page.

If you would like to learn more about serving a small group as host or leader then reach out using our contact page.

Family Ministry


Family ministry encompasses the next generation of worshipers from the Nursery to Grade 5. But make no mistake this is not babysitting. There are moments where the skill of herding cats would be a plus but we are also trying to engage the kids with age appropriate lessons about God, grace, and our opportunities to share both with the world around us.

You’re not great with kids? Really, who is? But, can you remember a kid’s name for a week or more? You’re on the way to being a Family Ministry superhero!

Do you think kids are important but you’re over them? Maybe you would be great at helping out with the supplies and logistics of Family Ministry. Volunteer to help set up the Family Ministry area or sign up to bring supplies when needed.

Okay we’ve kept you on this page long enough. Reach out using our contact page already!

Audio-Video-Lighting (AVL)


Bringing excellence to the presentation of the presentation of the Gospel is a form of leading worship. It doesn’t take much to make the lead vocals cut through clearly so the word can be learned by someone who wants to praise God. The click of a mouse can help visual learners be engaged in a sermon and scripture. The absence of a hymnal in contemporary worship makes lyrics in a worship experience essential.

Do you dig the details? Do you believe that every Sunday service should look and feel like we meant it? Then consider volunteering to help lead worship using the audio console, video console or setting up the lights that will grow and evolve. We offer personalized training in addition to the teaching videos found on YouTube.

For more information, reach out using our contact page.

First Impressions



Everyone should feel welcome at church. At Brambleton Presbyterian Church we believe that welcome begins in the parking lot. If it’s raining out you’ll probably find people with umbrellas to help out.

When a visitor reaches the foyer we welcome them with a smile and some coffee, not necessarily in that order. We also provide snacks on Sunday mornings. If the visitors have children we help them to get checked in to our Family Ministry and escort them down the hall for a tour and then back into the sanctuary to find a seat and maybe meet someone on the way.

Because we meet in an elementary school our First Impression team includes people who help set up the chairs for the congregation.

If you’re interested in this ministry you would need the following skills:

  • hold an umbrella

  • smile

  • help provide snacks (baked or bought)

  • lead someone to different parts of the building

  • introductions

  • lining up chairs

  • praying for our visitors




At Brambleton Presbyterian Church the Worship Team is the entire congregation. The Worship Band happens to be on stage. This isn’t a performance to a congregation but rather, a performance with a congregation to our God.

We work under a core statement, “Humility honors God”. All three words are important and should be understood if you’re interested in joining the Worship Band.