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Experts tell us that today, an unprecedented number of people feel like they are stuck in a never-ending war with anxiety. If you are searching for ways to cope with your anxiety and fear, we want to support you. In this series we will consider 6 questions Jesus asked when the people around him were facing anxiety. Jesus’ questions often sparked insight about how to find peace in the midst of the battle. His questions also revealed that anxiety is a surprising opportunity to grow spiritually. Join us as we brave anxiety together, seeking to find peace through Jesus’ 6 crucial questions.

Who Do You Say I Am? Matthew 16: 13-17

Can you add a single hour to your day? Matthew 6: 25-27

Why are you afraid? Matthew 8: 23-27

Do you not remember? Mark 8:17-21

Why did you doubt? Matthew 14: 28-32

Who touched my garment? Mark 5: 27-31


Sermon Dates:

September 10 - October 15 Sermon Series



If you were touched and feel led we welcome your support.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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